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Useful tips to consider when preparing for a headshot

For most of the people, preparing for a headshot is a pretty challenging task. When you get ready for a headshot and even during the taking of the actual shot, there are several things to remember. However, if you follow the tips mentioned in this article, you can unlock the true benefits of a really great and professional headshot that serves its purpose.


  1. Communicate well with your photographer

Before the headshot is taken, you should share vital information with your photographer. Such approach helps you and your photographer to get to know each other and know exactly what you need. You should explain your expectation precisely to the photographer before the shoot. Your explanation should include the exact purpose of the headshot, the overall appearance you need and the feel you want to express through the shots.


  1. Be sure to relax before and during the shoot

If you aren’t relaxed, the output of the headshot might showcase your anxiety. Being the subject of the headshot, it is your responsibility to appear perfectly relaxed in the photo. Although this sounds obvious, relaxing is often harder than you think. So be sure to get enough rest and eliminate all the anxieties before the shoot. Also, be sure to express any concerns during the shoot to the photographer.


  1. Rejuvenate yourself

The night before the shoot is really important. You should treat yourself well during that night before. Go to bed early, drink plenty of water during the day before the shoot. Such approach might help you appear refreshed and comfortable during the session. Apart from that, you should wear something comfortable and which makes you feel confident for the shoot. It is also important to be ready with different clothing options to try during the shoot.


  1. Don’t wear busy-looking clothing

Although it is difficult to suggest an exact dress code for you to wear during the shoot, experts suggest you avoid wearing certain items. They suggest that you should avoid items like turtleneck jumpers. In addition to that, it is really important to stay away from distracting patterns and colours. Patterns such as squares and herringbone must be avoided as well as glossy and reflective clothing, as they are likely do deflect attention away from your face.


  1. Be equipped with essentials

Regardless of the duration of the session, you should be well equipped if you expect the best out of your headshots. Have a supply kit with you when going for the session. This supply kit should include a hair spray/gel, lip balm, a hair brush, tissues etc. In addition to that, if you have previously taken headshots, take them to the session. Your photographer will get a good idea about your taste after seeing those headshots.


You must always remember that your headshots are the tool which will creates the first impression about you. Therefore, you should be really careful when putting makeup. The makeup you apply must be really simple and natural. Your overall appearance should be stylish yet timeless.