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Tips to win an audition

Regardless of the exceptional amount of enthusiasm you may have, going in to audition for the first time can be a challenging task for most novice performers. If you are a new performer who is eagerly waiting for an audition, here are some important tips to try and deliver the best you, when the time comes.


Adhere to the audition notice

No matter whether you are a novice actor or an individual with some experience, you should always read the audition notice thoroughly. As an actor, at some auditions, you may have to possess some materials in addition to your performance. That last thing you want is to be rejected just because you don’t have the requested material. Therefore, go through the audition notice several times and be 100% sure that you possess all the prerequisites.


Show your reliability

It is really important to show your reliability in addition to performance skills. It is a reliable performer’s characteristic to show up in good time to the audition venue (5-10 minutes before the audition is fine and try not to show up too early). While showing your reliability, you must show professionalism too. Be polite and avoid being too talkative. Regardless of the role you are going to read for, you must show good personal character in front of the casting team. Spend whatever the spare time you have on getting ready for the audition. Just prepare yourself as if you are getting ready for a job interview.


Wear appropriate clothing

Don’t ever wear too fancy attire. If you are a young performer, you will often be required to wear a casual or smart-casual clothing. For a younger child, always concentrate on wearing age appropriate clothing. Do try to keep away from shirts/dresses with logos, too bright colours, patterns and fancy accessories. Often the casting director or your agent will guide you in what is required for the audition.


Practice your monologue or sides to perfection

Be sure that you practice to perfection any monologue or sides which casting might have asked you to prepare. You must know that your audition is not about recitation; it is about a performance though. The directors must be able to identify a significant difference between the ‘original you’ and the character you play. Be prepared with another completely different set of lines; as some directors may ask you to take on a completely different personality than the one you presented initially.


Have a general idea about the play

Don’t limit yourself to only learning lines you have been asked to prepare; instead, if you have time, you should try to develop a strong understanding of the entire scene. If you happen to be sent the full script, be sure to read it through a couple of times. This will help you add sub-text to your performance.


Once finished with your reading in an audition, you shouldn’t try to win the sympathy of the directors. You don’t need to apologise for the mistakes you may have made. If you fit what they were looking for, they will call you. If not, just move on and look for the next opportunity.