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Things to avoid when sending your child to a talent agency

In general, talent agencies in London receive a large number of submissions (in both online and offline mode) from parents. However, a significant number of these submissions aren’t considered due to various reasons. If you are a parent who has submitted your child’s details to talent agencies and yet never heard back, you are probably doing one or more mistakes mentioned in this article.


  • Your submission isn’t complete

Surprisingly, a considerable number of people fail to do the basics right when they submit the profile of their children. For instance, many individuals submit headshots without any contact information. When there is no contact information, the respective talent agency might not be able to contact you. So, be sure to send the headshot along with brief CV that includes contact information.


Apart from that, you should avoid sending anything too decorative, such as overly edited photos, extensively descriptive profile information etc. Basic information with a clear, recent headshot will speak volumes on behalf of your child.


  • Sending a video in the wrong way

If you are required to send a video of your child, you should make sure that you do it correctly. Providing a downloadable link is OK as long as the file size is small (which can be downloaded easily). If not, you can upload the respective file to a platform like YouTube. The key is to make it as easy as possible for the agent to access the file.


  • Including sensitive personal details

You should remember that talent agencies don’t require your sensitive personal information. They don’t need anything beyond the information they have requested. So don’t try to win their sympathy by providing improper, overtly personal information. The process is very simple; if they are happy with the personality, performance and appearance of your child, they will let you know.


  • Sending the wrong type of photo

It is true that most of the randomly taken photos you will have of your child can be adorable. However, talent agencies aren’t looking for these types of photos (face covered with funny makeup or wearing a costume). You should take the process seriously and send professional level photos (clear and recent headshots) of your child instead. At least try to look up professional headshot photographers to try to get a sense of the style and level an agent will often require.


  • Not maintaining professionalism when emailing

If you decide to send an email to a talent agency, be sure to write a personalised email. Many parents try to CC the same email to multiple talent agencies and that is not professional at all. Therefore, take your time and personalise the email you send. Don’t CC it; you should let the respective talent agency feel that you are treating them with some specialty.


In addition, the email you write must be to the point. Try to express yourself in a brief format with precise information. If you are not particularly good at writing a professional email, it is completely OK to seek the assistance of someone who can.