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How to memorise lines for your audition?

Memorising lines is a challenging task for many individuals. More often than not, you are likely to feel that you are never going to memorise your lines before the next audition. However, with a little bit of enthusiasm, determination and guidance, you are definitely going to make it. Here’s how to memorise your lines and stay away from potential uncomfortable moments in front of your audience.


  1. Write your lines manually

Writing helps you to remember the lines pretty easily. In fact, you can consider this option as a quicker solution compared to other methods. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should type the lines; you must write them manually on a piece of paper using a pen. When you write down the lines manually, you automatically build a connection between your mind and the actions which will help you remember the lines easier. A lot of professional actors claim that they feel like the lines are stored in the deeper part of the brain after writing them down. After writing down the lines, you should read them out loud. Then, you should continue this several times over. Eventually, you will find that you can write them down without looking at the script.


  1. Engage in some action while reading the lines

Apart from writing down the lines manually, you may do some work using your hands when reading out the lines. For instance, you can do some cleaning work or jog. Experts claim that such activities help in boosting the brain to improve your memorising ability.


  1. Memorise in portions

You shouldn’t try to memorise all the lines at once. Try to divide the lines into a couple of equal parts depending on the size of the script. Then, you can memorise each part during different times of the day.


  1. It is OK to ignore the punctuation marks

Yes. It is OK to ignore the punctuation marks when you are memorising the lines. After memorising the lines, you will have a much better understanding of how to input the punctuation. So don’t worry about memorising the punctuation alongside learning the lines, as it will come to you naturally.


  1. You can mouth the words too

You don’t have to read out the words loudly all the time. Instead, you may consider mouthing the words. Eventually, it will become a habit and you can mouth the words whenever you need to.


  1. Breathe while memorising the lines

Many people tend to hold their breath while reading the lines. However, holding breath will necessarily prevent you from remembering. Therefore, you should remember to breathe really well while reading out the lines.


  1. Record you lines

You should record when you read out the lines. Later on, you can play the recording back to yourself and read the lines again as you listen.


After reading the lines for the first time, it is better that you put the script down and take a break. Studies have shown that when you rest, what you read just before has a better chance of being transferred to long-term memory.