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How to approach a talent agency for your child

When it comes to the entertainment business, the assistance of a professional agent is a key aspect. If you expect your child to enter this competitive field and thrive, it is imperative that you seek help from the professionals. Although many of the people understand the importance of getting the assistance of a talent agency, they often don’t know where to begin. It is true that there is no shortage of options to consider when it comes to talent agencies. Particularly, when it comes to a such a large market like the UK, the options are even higher. Regardless of the number of options available, here’s what you must do when approaching a talent agency for your child.


  1. Before everything else, you should be sure this is the right industry for both your child and yourself. Be sure to sign your child up with some acting classes and make sure that its something they enjoy. Be sure to factor in for your self, that you will have the time to take them to classes. If you struggle to take them to a class, you will inevitably struggle to take them to auditions and castings when you sign up with a talent agency.


  1. Initiating the first approach to a talent agency is another key aspect. Although there are plenty of talent agencies in London, Manchester and the UK as a whole, don’t expect them to come and headhunt like old days. In this instance, you have to put some effort into getting a talent agency to pay attention to your child’s application. Be sure when applying to fill out everything they ask from you. If that includes footage, then be sure to film in a well lit room and make sure the sound is clear.


  1. Getting a professional headshot is often an important step in the process. If your child is older than 10 years, she or he will often be required to submit a professional headshot. In fact, a perfect headshot can be described as a calling card for an actor. A professionally taken headshot is a reliable sign of genuine interest of the parent about the child’s career. Therefore, talent agencies are likely to give preference to applicants who possess professional grade headshots. The headshot must be an updated one. Any talent agency would reject headshots that are a year or two out of date.


  1. Apart from performing an internet search, you should try an old school method to approach a talent agency for your child. You can ask around from people you know; colleagues, friends and relatives are a great source of information when you are looking for a good talent agency. Most of the talent agencies in London claim that they find a large number of talented children through referrals. In other words, just think of it as if you are looking for a job for your child; networking can do a lot in that case.


If, by any chance, an agency turns down your request, you shouldn’t be discouraged at all; it is not a rare incident. Different agencies have different requirements. Therefore, you shouldn’t give up searching for the best talent agency.