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Can someone become and actor without any experience?

Many individuals, regardless of their age or backgrounds, possess a fantastic enthusiasm towards the entertainment industries. These individuals often question if someone can become an actor without any experience. With this article, let’s find out how to start a career as an actor without any experience.


  1. Don’t focus on the major markets at the beginning

Becoming an actor in a major city like London is a significantly tough task. To become an actor in such a saturated market often requires a substantial amount of training and often years of experience. therefore, it is often wiser to stay away from approaching such major markets until you gain enough experience and build a good CV. Even with the assistance of an agent, it would still be advisable for the actor to focus on local productions and building local contacts.


  1. Never miss any opportunity for an audition

Generally, local theatres and productions look for beginner level enthusiastic actors. Try to never miss these opportunities and follow their social media accounts. If you have a true passion for the performance industry, you should start gaining as much experience a possible form as many opportunities you can find. Even if it is not a well paid job or expenses only, you ought to grab the opportunity for the sake of gaining experience. Remember, at the beginning, gaining experience is the primary goal.


In order to maximise your chances of getting an audition, it’s imperative to seek the assistance of a talent agency. A professional talent agency can find many opportunities and open doors which you won’t be able to find on your own, as they have a lot of contacts within the industry.


  1. Study acting

At the beginning of your career as an actor, you should give preference to learning as much as you can about acting. You must continue studying even after getting work. In general, acting is a subject where you will never stop learning and improving. So, while trying out as many opportunities in your local area as you can, always remember to continue to learn and grow as an actor.


  1. Improve your skills

Whilst you are building your experience and growing as an actor, possessing a special skill might well help your efforts. If your skills are exceptional, you have a greater chance of winning an role, even if you have little experience. If you possess multiple skills, obviously, your chances are significantly higher. Spend time improving on any sports for example. Swimming and horse riding are two particularly good skills which casting directors are often looking for. But there are hundreds of incredibly useful skills to have at your disposal.


  1. Increase your exposure

If you can get yourself exposed to professionals such as casting directors, talent agencies and producers on a constant basis, people will begin to remember you. So, don’t give up hope; try to be as active with social media as much as possible.


  1. Patience is compulsory

If you don’t have enough patience, entertainment is not the industry for you. Don’t expect a talent agency or a director to select you right after the first audition; if they didn’t call you back, wait for the next opportunity. Grow from the previous experience and always look to make improvements and adjustments for the next time.


Getting rejected, unfortunately is more common than not in this industry. The key is  to not overthink the rejections and definitely don’t dwell on them. Pick yourself up and move forward positively. Always remember that plenty of other opportunities are waiting for you just around the corner.